Tips for throwing a Blippi party!

There for for a while my little one was obsessed with Blippi. He is on Youtube and teaches different things such as shapes, colors, counting and takes different trips to zoos, museums and other. He actually still is a big fan but during that time I couldn’t find any party supplies. That’s usually how it goes.


I added magnetic letters and shapes to the cupcakes. I had the local bakery make the cake look like a shirt and printed off his head and hot glued it to a large pop cycle stick. I already had this red light green light light and just propped it behind his head. I tried to incorporate a lot of orange and blue which is his colors. I then added a toy tractor, police car, dinosaur, train sign and the letter J for his name.

I was actually able to buy him the glasses, hat, bow and suspenders. Sooooo cute!

I added a toy Walmart cart and put some chips in it. Blippi also does a lot of pretend play as well so I thought that this would of been really cute.

I made some orange jello with dollar tree dessert cups. Such a cheap dessert and kids love jello. You can also add some cool whip. In the back you can see the Blippi bags. I thought this turned out cute! I bought the bags a Hobby Lobby and I just cut out free handed the bows and straps. I placed it in the middle of a picture frame that I painted orange.

I used his toy tractor for the cups. I went to the dollar tree and got an orange container to place the orange kool aid in.

I took a cupcake stand from Party City and added my punch cups. This punch is soooo easy and delicious. Every time I have a party I have this and it always gets ate up. Everyone loves it. All it is is orange sherbert ice cream, with ginger ale. You can even use 7 up or sprite. I usually just use sprite.

So there it is!

Those are my tips for throwing a Blippi party. It turned out great I think. Even his awesome uncle Eric dressed up as Blippi! I think that just made his day!

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