How to throw a Unicorn party

My friend’s daughter’s birthday was coming up and she was wanting to have a Unicorn Party! As you know Unicorn parties are really in right now. I wanted to add my own touches to make it more unique. I think that just makes parties sooo much more!

The Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are really in right now. Its something that you can do really cheap for any occasion and it adds a lot to your party. This one only cost $10! Yes $10! I bought all of my materials from Walmart and the dollar tree.


  • Balloons
  • fake flowers
  • greenery
  • fishing line

Just take and blow up 3 balloons and twist them together. You want to do this multiple times. Then you want to take fishing line and cut it the length you want it. Twist them around the fishing line. Add the flowers of your color scheme and its that easy!

DIY Unicorn Head

This was super fun and easy! I will soon be making a tutorial for You tube! But this only cost me about $10 as well!


  • Poster board
  • Fake flowers
  • black Felt material for the eyelashes
  • Greenery
  • Foam cone
  • Pink felt for the horn
  • Ribbon of your color for the horn
  • and lots of hot glue

Table setting

I think this turned out beautiful! especially for the price. I got the stem cups from the dollar tree and added the ribbon around it with hot glue. I also got the golden plates underneath from the Dollar Tree.

I love the Dollar Tree!! The napkin ring holders I just made out of fake flowers from the 97 cents rack. I just took the stem and made it into a circle and hot glued the flower on as well as greenery.

I bought the table runner from Hobby Lobby. I just had them cut material I wanted and cut at home to the size I needed and also added it to the main dessert table.

Unicorn plates came from Hobby lobby as well. The flower centerpiece I hand made myself. I painted the vase gold which I also bought from the Dollar Tree and added 97 Cents Walmart flowers.

Party favors

There were boys and girls coming to the party so we made pink ones for the girls and made blue ones with sunglasses for the boys. Soooo cute! Everything here came from Hobby Lobby as well.

Unicorn Rainbow!

This was very fun to do but it did take some time to make.


  • Large cardboard box
  • Newspaper
  • Different color streamers
  • Cotton
  • Battery lights
  • Wooden Unicorn from Hobby Lobby
  • Gold paint
  • Balloons
  • White spray paint

I just took a cardboard box and cut out the shape of a rainbow plus a base to hold it. I then blew up some balloons in different sizes and hot glued them on each side.

No is when the paper mache comes in! Just make your paper mache paste and ripe up some newspaper and go at it! When it completely dries you want to spray paint them white. If you don’t you will be able to see the newspaper. Then you want to add your streamers and then cotton to the clouds. Paint the Unicorn to the color you desire and add some lights!

So there it is!

So there you have it. Multiple ideas for your Unicorn party. All these are super affordable I think for any budget. I would LOVE to see how your party turned out! Send me your pictures and I will post them on my website and leave a comment below!

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