How to throw a Goosebumps party!

                                                    The Cake and Cupcake area

My son absolutely loves Goosebumps! As you may know you can’t buy Goosebumps party supplies anywhere, so therefore I had to be creative. Which for me that’s the fun part!

I bought a Goosebumps poster online at Amazon for $20 and then I bought the frame for $20 at Walmart. That was the most expensive part but it added a lot to the party. I used that as a backdrop for the cake. I then added an old wooden antique box, a skeleton, mice and some Halloween candles with a couple of my oldest son’s Goosebumps books.

                                                          The birthday banner

The fireplace I just added some green and black balloons from Walmart. I bought a plain black banner at Party City. It cost me about $4. I then took a piece of chalk and added Goosebumps, R.L. Stine and Happy Birthday. Last but not least I clipped on some Goosebumps books from from eldest son’s collection.

                                                   Main food and dessert area

I then again used green and black balloons. I added some skeletons and black Halloween clothe that you can buy at the dollar tree during Halloween time. I used a black ruffled table skirt from Party City which was about $10. I used the rest of the banner from the fireplace and added Happy Birthday.

I tried to make the main focus (the letter of his name J for Jacob). I placed it on an old crate with a mouse and added some more Goosebumps books.

I bought these clear dessert cups at the dollar tree and the spoons. I thought this turned out cute and it was very cheap. He loves jello and then I bought some cool whip and added green food coloring along with some gummy worms.

These were actually really delicious. Its chocolate pudding with crushed up oreos. I then added some dollar tree sugar cookies with R.I.P on it and green icing on the top to look like moss or greenery.

I made these cookies. I just tried to go along with the colors to the party and made the icing letters to look oozy! 

Well you can’t have a Goosebumps party without Slappy! So I drew him on a chalkboard. I went on Youtube and I found this guy who takes you step by step on how to draw him. His channel is Cartooning 4 Kids | How to Draw. You should check him out he’s really awesome and talented.

This is actually one of my Halloween decors that I have been using for the last 2 years. I made this out of paper mache. OMG! This was really fun as well. It added so much to the party. I placed it behind the chair where he opened his presents.

                                                             So there you have it!

So there are my tips for throwing a Goosebumps party! Just go in the attic and pull out your Halloween decor. He absolutely loved it and I hope your little one will as well.

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