DIY Book Theme Baby Shower!

I have a friend who is having a baby girl so I wanted to throw her a baby shower. I wanted to try something a little different by adding different areas of book themes.

Keep reading along and I will show you my cheap and easy ideas that can make your party affordable but elegant! I have incorporated Alice in the wonderland, Snow White, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Pinocchio and beauty and the beast.

Alice in wonderland table scape!

First we’ll start with the table scape. I took an old book and ripped the pages out of it to make a table runner. I just hot glued it. I then added a pink sheer on top. Then layered it with a green garland. I placed bits of ferns in it along with pink flowers.

I added 2 silver candle sticks. I thought that it made it a little more elegant. I then took two books and opened them. I bought a rabbit at Michaels and added clothing and an old clock.

I know in the movie he was white but I had a hard time finding one. But I thought it turned out great. And you can’t have an Alice in wonderland table scape without a tea pot!

Snow White area!

OMG! I was really happy how this turned out. My kids door fell off their swing set some time ago and I had it in the garage. I was thinking “this could be the 7 dwarfs home”. Its short and small. PERFECT! I added greenery that I got at a yard sale for $1.

The stump is just made from paper mache. I then added green moss from the dollar tree along with a red apple. The 7 dwarfs sign was fun. I just cut out arrows from a cardboard box, painted them black and chalked their names on the arrows. I then hot glued them on the stick. I added greenery and a bird that I got on sale for 90 cents at Hobby Lobby.

Tea party area!

Part of the Alice in wonderland theme I added a tea and Coffee area. I was really impressed how it turned out. I ripped out some old pages from a book for a table runner. I had an old medicine cabinet and placed it on top.

I then placed an Alice in wonderland book in the back and placed teacups and saucers inside. I put a teapot on top with pink flowers and greenery along with a book and a mad Hatter hat that I made.

I added a silver tea pot with hot water and placing tea, coffee bags in the drawer. I decided I wanted fresh flowers as well so I placed them in the sugar bowl because I wanted to use sugar cubes instead along with fresh lemon. You can even add fresh mint and cinnamon sticks!

I just made the mad hatter hat out of cardboard and I cut some old wire coat hangers and glued whatever I could find around the house to glue on them. I then wrapped an old scarf around it.

Peter Pan Area!

This area turned out great as well. I just took a Peter Pan book and placed it in the back. I stacked a couple of random books. No one is going to pay attention to what kind as long as it doesn’t have crazy designs and it is plain. I placed my son’s hook from the dollar tree on top. I then placed fairy wings behind the fairy jar I made.

The Fairy Jar!

The fairy jar is actually made out of a pickle jar. Yep that what I said. I applied glue to the outside and added glitter. I hot glued moss on the lid along with ferns and little flowers. Inside I cut out a fairy colored it black and glued it inside and added ferns and a string of lights from the dollar tree.

The Fairy House!

I just went out into the woods and grabbed some broken branches, got some pop cycle sticks and used an old cardboard box. Yes this part did take patience but I’m going to give it to my little girl after the party and it was something that we did together! But really this didn’t cost anything except for hot glue and pop cycle sticks.


I decided to also have Pinocchio. I still can’t believe that I got these flowers from my own back yard! In person it looks so much prettier. I used book paper as a table runner and placed a Pinocchio book open on the table. My mother brought this wooden box and put paintbrushes and paint inside along with this amazing drawing. My mother’s friend’s daughter drew that. She’s only like 10 years old!

Beauty And The Beast

I thought this was really cute. I placed a random book opened and put the rose on top. I actually got this mirror from the dollar tree and put a golden bow on it. This was a crown that my daughter had. GiPresent area!

Gift Area!

I actually made the once upon a time book. Check out on my blog and I have step by step on how to make it. It was very easy and cheap. I added some stuffed animals to give it more of the baby shower feel along with a couple of antique boxes and some vintage children’s books. I also made the diaper cake.

I wanted to add something behind the mother so I decided to make a balloon garland. I added greenery along with pink and white roses.


My mother made this beautiful Cinderella’s dress! I added a pearl necklace with some birds. I carried the Cinderella theme to the piano with a wicker basket with balls of yarn and more birds. I placed an vintage Cinderella book opened. The chalkboard I wanted to make it look like a book. “The Tale of Eleanor”!

Welcoming Sign!

Guest Book Area!

So there it is!

Everything I did just took an imagination and great patience. But when you add your own touches and the little details it just makes it so much more special. Details really makes a difference! Tell me what you think! I would love to hear your thoughts!

There was soooo much to this party that I made a separate blog for the dessert table and food. Check it out!

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