Book Theme Baby Shower Dessert table!

I wanted to help a friend out so I wanted to throw her a baby shower. I decided to go with a Book theme shower. In this blog I will show you how I designed my dessert table.

The Focal Point!

You always need a focal point with your dessert table. I chose this large letter E. She is naming her little girl Eleanor. Its not a name you hear very often and that’s why I love it. You can actually buy these from Hobby Lobby. I got mine at a Yard sale for $2!!!

I went to the dollar tree and bought about 8 bags of moss. This part did take a little time but trust me it was sooo worth it. I then hot glued the moss and added these beautiful flowers along with bits of ferns.

I actually had 2 focal points. The second is the cake. The cake should always be part of your focal point in my opinion. My sister makes cakes and such so I decided to get her to make it. She did such a great job. I decided to go with a naked cake because it has that rustic feel which is what I was going for. Then I added fake flowers from Hobby Lobby along with “Its a Girl!’ as a cake topper.

The Rustic Feel!

I added a wooden crate on one side. This is where I put the dessert plates. I placed the dessert plates on a white cake platter to give it some height. On top of that I just took a random book and had it opened and sat a little fairy house on top. I think this turned out so cute. I can’t believe the amount of comments I got on it. I just made it out of a cardboard box, sticks from the woods and popsicle sticks.

On the other side I used an old box I had to balance it out. I placed this multi candle stick holder and added some flowers and ferns to the neck. I used a white cake platter on top as well and added these cute cookies.

The Desserts!

Inside I put a dessert. Cheesecake! I went to the Dollar Tree and bought these flute cups made for desserts. I bought the instant jello cheesecake. Just a reminder use a piping bag because the cups are so tiny that it will be way too messy with a spoon. I used cool whip for the topping and added some fresh raspberries. I purchased the little silver spoons at the Dollar tree as well. I also added these brownies and piped chocolate frosting on top with raspberries.

Beauty and the Beast Theme

Here I just added a random book opened and placed a rose on top. The mirror I got from the Dollar tree and put a golden bow on it. The crown is actually from a beauty and the beast costume I wore for my daughter’s birthday.

So There It Is!

So there you have it. A Book Theme Baby Shower dessert table. All of these are such easy desserts. I think this turned out soooo elegant! And don’t forget your candles. Candles always adds that pop and makes it feel cozy. Click below and check out the rest of my blog on how I did the remainder of the party!

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