Alice in Wonderland book theme for baby shower!

Check out the Alice in wonderland tea and coffee area for a baby shower or birthday!

DIY Once Upon A Time Book!

Check out my DIY Once Upon A Time book. This was super cheap to make and it just added so much to the party. This was used for a a baby shower but you can definitely use this for a little girls princess party or even  a wedding.  I think this turned out great! Click on the link and make one for your occasion!

Goosebumps party!

My son is obsessed with Goosebumps. As you may know you can’t purchase Goosebumps party decor. So therefore I had to be creative! Check out how I designed his party!

Book Theme Baby Shower Dessert Table!

Are you looking for new ideas for your baby shower? Click on the link below! I designed this dessert table in a rustic look along with the storybook theme. 

These are all very affordable ways that will make your party pop! If you are looking for that elegant look then this is the party for you.

I know a thing called a budget and if your on a tight one but you want to still throw a trendy but yet one of a kind party continue reading.

Oh by the way if your interested in how the whole party turned out go to my post on DIY Book Theme Baby Shower!

How to throw a Unicorn Party!

My friend’s daughter’s birthday was coming up and she was wanting to have a Unicorn Party! As you know Unicorn parties are really in right now. I wanted to add my own touches to make it more unique. I think that just makes parties sooo much more!………..

How to make a rainbow!

Click below and get a step by step on how to make your rainbow! This was such a fun project and very inexpensive. You can add this to your party or to your little ones bedroom.

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